The Club

Rumbalara Football Netball Club is an Aboriginal community run sporting club located in Shepparton, Victoria.  It is dedicated to strengthening the community and bringing families together through strong vibrant leadership. It is a place of belonging, a place that people of all ages and backgrounds can call their own.

Like all country sporting clubs Rumbalara celebrates the history and passions that represent the uniqueness of its community. Rumbalara traces its history back to 1898 when Cumeragunja Football Club won its first premiership.

Since Rumbalara’s inclusion into the Central Goulburn Football League in 1997 the Rumbalara Football Netball Club has celebrated premiership success across its eight teams.

But the success of the club extends far beyond the sporting arena to improvements in the physical and emotional health, education and employment of Rumbalara’s members and their families.

Rumbalara has created an environment where Indigenous people, especially youth are inspired and encouraged to actively participate in sporting community that Rumbalara provides, as well as providing an opportunity to participate in the social and non-competitive aspects of this community.

Everyone is welcome at Rumbalara.

Our Vision: “To be nationally recognised as the leading Aboriginal Sporting club for its success on and off the field and court, strong cultural identity, expression and celebration, and contribution to equal life opportunities for all Australians”