Great win against the Rams

“It was a big game for us as we had to bounce back after we let a huge opportunity slip against Moama. We knew Deniliqun would be a tough opposition and that we would need to be a lot more physical and mentally harder than what we had been I asked for total commitment with mind and body. We started much better had a lot of fwd entries but just weren’t getting rewards for effort which against top sides we will have to.

At quarter time we just lead and needed to assert ourselves on them and it was a tough arm wrestle we kicked 2.7 and could of almost had them boxed away but didn’t at half time I stressed that we stay up for the fight and sticking to our TEAM structures . We came out again breathing fire and kicked ourselves 5 goals in front to there no score but we had blokes who were happy to rest on what we had worked hard for and looked at the scoreboard thinking it was just going to happen we allowed them in the last ten minutes to kick 5 goals themselves and we completely stopped they were full of running and confidence. 3 qtr time we held on to a 1 point lead and I vented my frustration to our lapse in concentration and again picking and choosing when it suites us to only want to work hard . To the boys credit we responded and conditions turned nasty it was a food old fashioned slog both teams had opportunities to win the game our toughness and relentless to not want to give in roll over and die was the biggest thing that I saw and we won ugly and it’s something that this club hasn’t done for a long time.  I am very happy with the result and we  will now take that confidence into our next game another challenge another and we need 22 contributors all playing their roles huge opportunity today lads lets go after it at all costs and get the result were after.” D.C.

Rumbalara 4.2-26 6.7-43 11.7-73 13.13-91
Deniliquin Rams 3.1-19 6.5-41 11.8-74 12.12-84

Goal Kickers: J. Terlich 3, D. Cupido 3, G. Weston 2, H. Tipungwuti , B. Armstrong , K. Portaminni , N. Lovett-Murray , R. Taylor
Best Players: R. Taylor, N. Lovett-Murray, J. Timaepatua, D. Morgan, L. Johnson, J. Terlich


Goal Kickers: B. MacDonald 5, T. Bartlett 2, T. Gallagher , R. Gittens , C. Howe , O. Draffin , B. Hardman
Best Players: R. Gittens, C. Howe, O. Draffin, T. Dowling, T. Gallagher, S. Callanan



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