Rumba Players represent at 2016 Murray Football & Netball League presentation night

mflWhat an amazing result and a memorable event for our Club at the 2016 Murray Football & Netball Leagues’ Vote Count ! It was inspiring to see great representation of our Club in the votes across all grades, achievements and awards.
⚫️Kane Atkinson & Dylan Kerr placed equal 5th
💙MFL Team of the Year- Kane Atkinson, Dylan Kerr
💛Player of the Year- Kane Atkinson

❤️Beau Jackson- Leading Goal Kicker, 77 Goals

⚫️Runner Up Best & Fairest- Ramman Winmar

Special mentions to Keyon Fulkey 14 Votes, Jeremiah Stewart 10 Votes, Baydon Meloury 4 Votes, Xavier Mansfield 2 Votes, Dylan Fieldman

💙A GRADE Best & Fairest- Jessie Barnes-Hill

💛Coaches Most Wanted- Jessie Barnes-Hill

❤️MNL Open Team- Jessie Barnes- Hill (Captain)

⚫️B GRADE Best & Fairest- Klarindah Hudson

Special mentions to the following women, A Grade Jessica Bamblett placing 6th and Natarsha Bamblett 7th; B Grade Iesha McGee 3rd; C Reserve Ella Crumpen-Winmar 6th Tanika “Tookie” Edwards 10th; U15s Wytasie Walker 4th, Medika Bonney 10th; U13s Kelis Saunders 8th, Trinity Crumpen-Winmar 9th; U12s Alyssa Lindrea 5th, Yilanii Atkinson 9th, we congratulate you all on your deadly seasons, your Rumba fam are so proud of you.
Yakama Rumba!
#proudstrongfamily #RFNC20yrs

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